clean water source


Water in central Asia is all around. It flows from rivers that go between houses and springs only a kilometer from the villages. Since the water comes to their houses, people drink from the river rather than going to the spring. This opens the door to potential diseases and health hazards. Our water project hopes to solve this issue by delivering clean drinking water down to the village through a pipe system.

The main obstacle keeping people from doing these freshwater projects are broken relationships. There are feuds and fights between various families that have been going on for years. Poverty and conflict also intertwine, adding fuel to the fire. People will cap a spring for themselves and a few of their neighbors; rather than coming together to complete this large project.

When we visited one village, we noticed the mayor of the village was in conflict with many people. We shared the Word of God with him and explained how Jesus calls us to love our enemies and bless those who curse us. At first, he argued. Then on his 50th birthday, he had a dream where Jesus came to him and told him to love his enemies. He explained how a large weight fell off his shoulders when he decided to forgive his enemies.

The mayor faces daily struggles due to his leadership role. He has now been given a powerful message that he had never heard before. One of love and forgiveness. Other projects will need to be done in the village, but if he can remember to love, forgive, and bless, he can lead his village into a new kind of transformation.

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