This is an exciting and challenging time for those who follow Jesus – in more than 40 communities throughout the world the oppressed and those who have been invisible for too long are finding hope as lives and communities are transformed because of you. Thank you.

And with your faithful help, One Collective is now poised to celebrate God’s greater growth because of these important developments I’m eager to share with you.

We have completed the sale of the old offices and training facility which places the ministry in a much stronger financial position. This offers freedom – freedom to serve new communities and empower those who are able to help. The building was a significant asset once but quickly became a burden draining the energy and efforts of the mission to bring people together to help the oppressed.

You have probably noticed another very important development – our name. One Collective points to the unity of the body of Christ coming together to meet the physical and spiritual needs of a community leading to true transformation in Jesus. It reflects the unapologetic boldness of the gospel’s power in lives and communities.



Integrated community transformation (ICT) is what we call the unique effort to bring together the strengths of local efforts to help the oppressed (but too often accomplishing little) and the new, creative Catalysts who are able to drive real change. Catalysts are trained and sent into communities to come alongside local leaders and help stimulate real, lasting transformation. This is the most exciting development to share today.

Discovering the power of the Catalyst – that ‘something’ making a real difference – is exciting for everyone ready to confidently follow Jesus when things are not right. Communities are being transformed, and the Catalyst is key.

This is an exciting and challenging time, and I’m so happy to have this opportunity to show you how important you are to helping the oppressed today. Your generosity makes so much possible, and we’re ready to show you how.


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