What would happen if visionary people within a community were empowered to meet the needs of the oppressed around them? What keeps communities stuck in broken cycles and prevents lasting change from taking hold? — These are questions at the core of work across more than 40 communities around the world today — questions you have probably asked.

Here’s the truth: sustainable change is possible, and it’s happening now because of you.

When a local leader — someone with passion and vision to meet the needs in their community — is equipped and trained by a Catalyst with strategies that follow the ways of Jesus - a spark is created, and lasting change can begin. Here’s a story showing exactly that from a Catalyst named Ben and his wife Kristin, serving together in Chibolya, Zambia.


“When we first met Charity, her situation was desperate. Deaf, mute, and suffering from both HIV and spinal tuberculosis, she was struggling to simply take care of herself — but as a 27-year-old single mother of two children (one paralyzed from the waist down), her situation was even more difficult.

She isn’t the only one looking for hope here in Chibolya — Lack of access to education, healthcare, and sustainable job opportunities leave lasting effects that continue across generations — they prevent communities from breaking cycles and finding hope.

In order to find long-term healing, people like Charity and her family need a community who can support them.

That’s where Libby comes in — a wonderful elderly woman who loves Jesus and her community. She’s lived here in Chibolya for most of her life, renting property and running a business in the local market.

It turns out, Libby has been searching for a way to help people in the community for a long time, but she didn’t know how to start. As we’ve discussed what community transformation could look like in Chibolya, we have seen the vision catch hold for Libby. One day, she came to us and said:

““I am seeing things I have noticed my whole life differently. I feel like my eyes are open and now — all I want is to find a way to restore hope in this community.””


As she was talking, Libby laid a set of blueprints on the table... showing 6 acres of property that she owned. She told us that she wanted to see that land used to bring transformation to Chibolya. Since that conversation, Libby has become a powerful leader in Chibolya. She’s taken Charity under her wing — helping find access to medicine that allows her to thrive, and income that gives her children an opportunity for a better future. The land and blueprints that Libby showed us are now being developed into a farm that provides sustainable work opportunities, and funds other growth initiatives in the community.

This is the beginning of transformation in Chibolya - and this is the impact that your generosity is making. Lives are changed, leaders are empowered, and communities are transformed."


When even one person is empowered to find holistic and sustainable solutions — a spark is created that allows entire communities to transform. That spark is what you make possible — People are finding hope in the ways of Jesus, and around the world lives and communities are being transformed. — Thank you. 

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