Good people have tried and failed to bring lasting change to the oppressed - you've seen it, and it makes you wonder, Is it possible?

This question is at the core of work happening in over 40 One Collective communities around the world today. When a local leader - who knows the true needs of their specific community - is equipped and trained by a Catalyst with strategies following the ways of Jesus - lasting change can begin.

It’s that transformation you make possible, and here’s a story from a Catalyst named Danielle, who serves with One Collective in the Koukaki community of Athens, sharing about George (Georgios), a local pastor seeking lasting change for the oppressed.

When George first came into this community as a pastor, the church here was focusing on people inside their walls. The longer he lived here, the more his eyes saw and his heart understood what this community needed. He led the church in opening their doors to refugees, and for the first time, the church saw the influence that they could have in changing things for their community. -- but they didn’t know where to go next. It was then that George first connected with One Collective.

As a Catalyst, my role is to help bring people from all over our community together to help oppressed and invisible people. When local leaders like George are connected with resources and a team to support them, they are empowered to create lasting transformation.

And that’s exactly what happened with the church here. Now, as a result of George’s leadership, combined with resources and the ways of Jesus, the Koukaki community is being transformed.

Twice a week, 130 community members are fed on the doorsteps of the church building. A block away -  two community centers provide programs and care designed to help people find long-term solutions. Free showers and washing machines are offered to assist low-income or homeless community members.

Right across the street, people meet with local leaders and congregation members who ask them about their lives, introduce them to hope offered in Jesus, and connect them with opportunities designed to help them grow. Programs like tutoring, job training, and financial education are held each week, and young people are connected with sustainable jobs that empower them to lead stable lives.

“The church here is being transformed too - Once a closed community, church members are now equipped and passionate about helping the oppressed. They have found hope and understanding as they have discovered how the ways of Jesus can change their community.”


All of the work that is happening here started because of people like you who saw the same needs in this community as George did. That’s the impact that generosity made for the people in Koukaki. That’s why we can hear mothers who are no longer afraid that their kids won’t have a place to live and young people who tell us that they feel like they have hope -- a strong future.”


It’s because of your generosity that passionate leaders like George and Danielle are being empowered to bring change in their communities. With every new Catalyst trained to equip local leaders, more communities around the world are empowered to bring their strengths together - the oppressed find hope in the ways of Jesus - and entire generations of families experience lasting transformation. Thank you.

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