"We believe in what you do"

Diane and Bill Campbell of Greenville, SC - One Collective friends and supporters since 2008


-- During a visit to see firsthand the impact of their giving in South Africa, Diane and Bill took a few moments to explain why they are so passionate about One Collective’s mission.

“When we give to One Collective, we know the money goes for a good cause...and our giving reaches more than one small group of people,” they shared. “It’s a good stewardship of our funds with good, measurable results, and when we see what our giving does it makes us want to give more.

Diane and Bill began their journey with One Collective supporting a worker on one of our teams and soon saw they could do so much more throughout the world by supporting the crucial role of Catalysts.

 “The people in the community all have certain gifts and talents, but they need some direction on how to transform their community. So, by sending a Catalyst in there with those skills of management and building businesses, for example, this channels all those gifts and talents – then people in the community are able to help others.”

“Working with One Collective teaches me more about Jesus … because I see what the needs of the world are. It enlarges your world.

Diane adds, I wanted something I could believe in – that’s important to me. One Collective has proven to us, time and time again, our giving actually helps people. That’s why we invite all our friends to learn about One Collective – it’s a great opportunity to share in what Jesus is doing today.”
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