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Pilgrim House is a community of pilgrims that have found the beauty of the Camino to reach far beyond the trail itself. We came here to explore and celebrate what it means to be a pilgrim while offering a place of stay. Since we have been open for four years, we now have the pleasure of repeat pilgrim visitors. Cara is one of the pilgrims who has visited us on multiple occasions. As a result, our team has developed a great friendship with her.  

We often spend a lot more time with pilgrims than we originally anticipated. Cara was one of those who ended up spending many weeks in Pilgrim House. As our relationship deepened, she shared with us about her deepest struggles, painful life experiences, and ultimately contemplating suicide. She had set off on the Camino with a desperate desire to experience some real change in her life. She was earnestly seeking. 

After many conversations with her, I felt led to give her a particular book. Later, when she returned, Cara told us how God used that book to change her life. I didn’t see her, but she passed along a letter to me. Part of it read:

"The book you gifted me really strengthened my connection with Jesus...now I continue to introduce Him to people. You wrote to me and prayed for me 'that I would fall more in love with Jesus every day; that I would find true life and freedom in Him'. I did and I still do. Words cannot thank you enough but hopefully, you will feel the impact you helped create".

What a privilege for our team to be part of God’s work of redemption and transformation.  We are excited Jesus invites us to be a part of His story in Santiago, Spain!



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