Young girls


Chibolya is known for the open sale of drugs, robberies, extreme poverty, and gender-based violence. We seek to bring an integrated approach to working alongside the people in this community unlocking the potential in the people we meet.

Raising awareness

Young girls in Chibolya are extremely vulnerable to ending up living a life in prostitution. We recently sponsored a training event developed by the DaysforGirls organization for about 100 girls from our community. We focused on health and wellness, self-defense, and awareness of sex trafficking. We also described their value and worth because of being made in the image of God. Watching them receive the truth and positive reinforcement to counter the negative messages of their past was powerful. Fifteen of these girls decided to follow Jesus.

Surprise service

We have precious relationships with many of the women and girls who are current prostitutes in our community. It was a strangely beautiful and humble picture as they gave of their time and energy to cook and serve lunch to the girls attending the training. It was as if their presence represented their hope that these young would not end up in their shoes.

Seeing value

We are so grateful to see these young girls realize that they have great value regardless of that the culture is telling them. Additionally, we are in awe of watching the ones who have fallen into prostitution serve with joy in hopes that others will not end up in the same trap they find themselves in. Hope for both groups is palpable and important for integrated transformation in the community.

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