Children at a day care


Cambridge, located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, is a community suffering from extreme levels of poverty, lack of employment and adequate education. A large percent of the 30,000 members of the community are feel hopelessness and despair. High levels of alcoholism, drug addiction, and prostitution exist. Through partnership with Grace Community Baptist Church, however, there is hope for a better tomorrow as we bring integrated community transformation to Cambridge by the power of God.

A need for the children

The senior pastor of Grace Community Baptist Church, Vuyo Mkonwana, saw a need in our community of Cambridge. Families were leaving their young children home alone during the day. Many of these children were only two years old.

For some families, they live in the harsh reality of needing to work yet not earning enough to pay for childcare. Others battle drug and alcohol addiction that causes them to leave their children alone and in danger. Pastor Mkonwana could not bare to see these children left alone and exposed to the dangers of township life.

Not only are these children left to fend for themselves during the day, they lack appropriate stimulation and development opportunities. Without access to proper nutrition, their health and physical growth is also hampered.

A solution

Pastor Mkonwana concluded that the Mefesane Day Care Center, a ministry of Grace Community Baptist Church, should be birthed to improve the quality of life for the children of Cambridge. Not only does the daycare center improve the quality of their life right now, it positively equips them for the future. 

Today Mfesane Day Care Center serves seventy children ranging from the ages of three to five years old. It provides a safe environment where the children receive love from their teachers, nutritious food for their bodies, and stimulating activities to enhance their mental and intellectual capabilities. They also meet Jesus through the lives of the people that work at the center. It is a hub of transformation in the community changing the futures of these young children.

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