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Jesus is at work all around us everyday, in every life and in every heart we come into contact with. He is the great pursuer. There is great relief and hope in this fact and at Pilgrim House we are privileged to witness this every day.

One particular pilgrim came in telling his story of giving up his faith, but finding it again while walking the Camino. We were able to give him a small Gospel of John, and he was very excited to receive it.

Another pilgrim described himself as being antagonistic towards Christianity in his youth, but was now not only finding himself open to truths he was not open to before, but also enjoying reading Scripture for seemingly the first time.

We have one particular pilgrim friend that we have been able to spend more time with than usual. Over this time he has related his personal story of deep trauma and was literally overcome with emotion when he discovered that we too were Jesus followers. For the longest time he felt alone in his faith, strong but very lonely. We have had many opportunities to listen to his heart and encourage him on his faith journey.

All three of these pilgrims found the Camino helpful in connecting with their hearts and consequently with God. They also found Pilgrim House to be a safe space where they could share their stories and journeys.  These vignettes highlight the reality of God at work in the lives of pilgrims. We are honored that they would share so deeply with us and humbled by God's continual pursuit. Jesus is at work in the lives and experiences on the Camino, and we are simply joining Him where he is.

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