Seeing Jesus at work 
The early church was known for its gathering of people who didn't normally fit together. People from different families, ethnicities, ages and genders, all meeting and eating together. We see Jesus doing this in our neighborhood. The unlikeliest of people are becoming family.
No longer invisible
Refugee mothers are often invisible. Being the primary caregivers of their children leaves them at home without access to a community or opportunities to learn and practice English. At the Homework Club, ITeams’ tutoring center for refugee and immigrant families, mothers can come with their children to have adult interactions, practice English, and simply to be seen and valued.
Celebrating transformation
Sometimes when refugee children are resettled in America, they will be so overwhelmed that they won't talk or interact with others. It’s not uncommon for us to see children hanging back by a parent or sibling or simply doing their homework in silence. In attempts to address these needs, some of the resettlement agencies offer culturally appropriate trauma recovery groups.
However, these trauma recovery groups are often located far from home. There is no way a woman with several young children can make it there on a weekly basis. Working with a local partner, we have started a group near their apartment complex to help refugees process their experiences and gain tools to move toward a more healthy life.
Through love, prayers and time to get to know the culture, we are beginning to see more of their personalities shine and the kids are beginning to blossom and flourish in their new homes.

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