First person view looking down a city street with neighborhoods flats rising on each side.

Carrick is a special place. This 1.5 square mile neighborhood is home to people from a wide variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, including a significant Nepali population. Under the layers of the community’s poverty, struggle and division, however, lies an incredible potential for transformation.

Teams can signify the inherent value found in this neighborhood and its people by making a tangible difference through a variety of ways including community clean up, landscaping and light home repairs. In addition, a family camp for Nepalis or kids-focused outreach at a local park is needed for a week. Each contribution will help to raise the lasting presence of Love Carrick, the local church plant, in the community.

Teams will be profoundly impacted through opportunities to understand the refugee experience, learn more about the realities of immigration and engage in a give-take conversation between cultures as part of their time spent in the community. Teams will be highly encouraged to share their own personal journey in guided contexts.

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