Imagine waking up in the morning and going to the bathroom to start your day.  You go to brush your teeth, but oops, no water.  A shower always helps to freshen me, but once again, not a drop.  And let’s not forget about the toilet that we could not flush!  Downstairs I go for breakfast, but I have to leave the dirty dishes until later when the water is flowing.  Not only does lack of access to water affect daily hygiene, but it also contributes to the spread of disease and a persons ability to provide for their family.

     The goal of this project is to provide fresh and clean reservoirs of running water to every family in Bayugan 2.  Water is needed for so many activities besides just drinking, and the access to it can open doors to other opportunities to share and will help bring smiles to faces. Water means people can have reliable gardens from which they can feed their families, the ability to care for livestock, run your business, or go to work in clean clothes. You cannot see local economy develop without access to a reliable water source. 

     Your donation will help create access to life-giving water. We will be digging five deep wells into natural springs that will create access to a constant supply of running water for the entire community. This project not only gives people access to life giving water, but it helps reduce the spread of preventable disease and provides a critical resource necessary to see this community continue develop. 

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