The community of Cowley is a bustling and eclectic mix of many cultures and creeds, and along with most communities on the edge of our big cities, it is now more important than ever, post-lockdown, and in the face of the rising cost of living crisis, to double down on our efforts to bring those who have help to give, to the people who actually need the help.

What better way to do this than in the middle of a shopping centre? The beating heart of Cowley, Templars Square Shopping Centre is the place to be and we are currently busy decorating and planning for the JUNGLE.

Art Gallery, Studio, Community Workshops, and hopefully, a pop-up cafe, where people in the community can come and just 'be', enjoy the immersive experience of the JUNGLE and, if needed, be introduced to any help that they might need and that we can connect them with.

The JUNGLE is a place of beauty, fun, friendship and signposting, but we need help to launch and sustain any work that happens here.

We would like to raise $2000 for the decor/craft materials/games/story throne/jungle animals that will make this place light up and be a place that is universally appealing.

Then another $4000 for monthly running costs; while we build up a monthly income from donors, we would like to ensure that we can keep the doors open to the Cowley community, and this should see us through for 6 months.

We hope to one day welcome you to the Jungle!


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