What if my choice was between feeding my child breakfast or buying them a notebook for school?  Imagine the reality that this year you cannot afford to send all three of your children to school, so you will have to pick one to stay home? How do you choose?

     For many families here in Bayugan 2, it is a challenge to simply provide food, clothing, and shelter for their families.  Schooling can be an additional cost that is too often hard to meet and children lose the opportunity to have access to education.  With these grants for the families, money will be provided for tuitions and school supplies to take some of the pressure off of the families and to make it possible for their children to thrive and receive the education they need to help break the cycle of poverty.

     Now these parents won’t have to imagine having to choose between feeding their children or buying them a notebook for school.  With the aid of student grants parents can handle an unexpected bill and still sign their children up for the full school year.  Situations just like this are happening here in Bayugan 2 and your gift to provide student grants relieves the pressure parents feel and creates access to life changing education for children in poverty.

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