Egg Farm for Preschool Feeding Program

Masatepe, Nicaragua

Posted March 30, 2017

Goal: $30,000


In 2015, we built a chicken farm with 2400 birds that created 3 full time jobs and produced over 2000 eggs/day. Via that production, we were able to sustain the farm as well as donate eggs to local preschool kids.  Today, we have 252 kids, ages 3-5, sponsored through this program, receiving an egg a day.  Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in this hemisphere, and such poverty leads to malnutrition, especially in the area of animal proteins, which are vital to cognitive development in young children.  Our program, alongside a government-sponsored feeding program, provides preschools with a plate of food each school-day which includes rice, beans and an egg.  We are now raising funds to expand the farm and the program.  In June of 2017, we plan to purchase an additional 2000 chickens and build a new chicken house on our farm.  The cost of birds, construction and early operating costs add up to roughly $30,000.  Our long-term plan is to extend this program to nearly 800 children, which would cover all of the kids enrolled across all schools in Masatepe!  This would require donating 160,000 eggs a year, and our goal is to do so via a sustainable farm that can continue doing so for years to come.  
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