The village of Tazha (Bulgaria) is a wonderful piece of God’s creation at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains in central Bulgaria – an area dominated by poverty, unemployment and small farming plots (often cultivating roses or lavender for the cosmetics industry). Rural Bulgaria is a place most people choose to leave, but One Collective has chosen to enter the community and demonstrate that God and His people have not forgotten them.

People’s houses are usually small and not many guests are invited in. One Collective’s work in the village (an after school program, English lessons, music lessons, youth gatherings, spiritual discussions, eventually a house church, etc.) needs a home – a place where we can invite people to come. The economic hardship in the village means there are many places for sale, but virtually nothing for rent.

The goal of this project is to provide the funds for purchasing an appropriate house and to cover the obligatory remodeling costs, which will follow. A house of appropriate size and in an acceptable location will likely cost in the area of $21,000, with the remodel possibly costing as much as $14,000. Thus, the total target for this project is $35,000.

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