Providing for ourselves and our families fills us with pride and contentment. It makes us feel good to see food on plates, clothes on backs, and smiles on the faces of those we care for.  It gives us satisfaction and fulfillment. For many in Bayugan 2 this is out of reach. Around 2/3rds of the community is out of work and as a result they are unable to adequately provide for their families. They desire to have meaningful work, but there is a shortage of jobs and opportunities. With a livelihood development project we can utilize goats to create business and agricultural opportunity. 

     The goal of this project is to goats for families in each of the eleven areas of Bayugan 2. These goats will be grown into herds and from which locals can develop agriculture based businesses.  We are working alongside local community leaders to ensure that people receive training, education, and support to set them up for success. This agricultural development project will create jobs and income for people all around the community.

     Your gift helps purchase goats that start these herds. This project gives hardworking people the opportunity to provide for their families and feel the same sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that we enjoy. Together, we can create access to sustainable income through agricultural development.






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