photo of fruit

For over 10 years, every Tuesday, Bethany Inner City Church has provided a healthy variety of food for people in the downtown community of Fresno, CA. 

Though Fresno is a city rich in agriculture, it is also a city high in concentrated poverty. The families in our community rely on free breakfast and lunch programs to feed their children and need extra help throughout the week to get their food needs met.

We serve people who are homeless, elderly, disabled, as well as low-income families and individuals. Most of our volunteers are people who initially came for food and found a community they enjoyed and now desire to serve. 

We are holistic in nature and recognize the spiritual, physical and social aspects of who we are. Most who come to this ministry are socially isolated and desire healthy conversation and a safe place to be. Everyone who comes is hungry and desires a meal and food to take home.  Everyone is in need of forgiveness and a right relationship with Jesus Christ. 

A sweet community of people has formed where they find much more than just food for the week. One of our volunteers said this past week, "This is my family!" We have watched her move from someone who came to receive to someone who fully serves and finds meaning in her service.

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