Access to Food, Freedom and Forgiveness for the minority families of rural Bulgaria is difficult at the best of times. This is definitely not “the best of times”! A large majority of the families One Collective’s workers in Bulgaria work with are employed in seasonal construction or agricultural jobs. This means most years they may earn income March to November, but work and money is hard to come by for them in the winter months.

The worldwide pandemic has only made this situation worse and it is very possible that their already bare cupboards will lead to the worst winter they can remember. We can’t sit by and watch these precious (yet invisible-to-most) souls teeter on the edge of subsistence this winter!

One Collective’s catalysts in Bulgaria, David Leistrum (Tazha) and Margie Brown (Tulovo), have identified 25 households who are at real risk of going hungry this winter due to a lack of earnings, effected over the last six months by this pandemic that has touched all our lives. We want to gather $2500 to help them keep nourishing food on the table during January and February. For this purpose, we ask you to help us. Every gift will help us buy staple menu items for these 25 multiple generation households.

The first $1000 donated to One Collective will be matched 1:2 by our workers on the ground, who will be instrumental in handing out this food aide

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