When I wake up in the morning, often the first thing on my mind is my rumbling stomach.  I am not content or ready to go until I have eaten at least something.  I’m sure that many of you are the same.  But what if I had no food with which to quench my hunger?  How would that affect the rest of my morning or even day?

     A large part of the population here in Bayugan 2 is living beneath the poverty line and struggle to have enough food to feed themselves.  The assistance available through the government is not enough for all of the families in need.  When kids come to school hungry and malnourished, it is hard for them to concentrate on their studies which further disadvantages them. Malnourishment also means their bodies are often unable to grow properly and it affects their physical health and abilities. With some outside help, we can offer a feeding program  that will help these children in need.

           Imagine wanting to go outside and play, but you are hungry, sitting in a classroom and trying to concentrate, but your stomach is rumbling, or even struggling with your health and growing properly because you are malnourished and not receiving the food which a healthy child needs growing up.  Your donation will help provide food and nutrition needed to make play possible, concentration and success in school achievable, and growth and health for each of these children a real possibility.

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