Uzhhorod is a university town with a regional and national university, and several colleges and institutes.  Students comprise about 20% of the city population.  In addition, 1000 foreign medical students from India and Africa attend Uzhhorod National University (UzhNU).  Most of these students are Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim.  UzhNU is the largest university in Ukraine without a Christian outreach.

Our team has targeted this large population to bring transformation through the power of God.  Connections Café is the hub of this ministry.  With comfortable seating, fast Internet, dozens of charging ports, and a video game room, Connections Café was built to reach young people for Christ.  Connections Café is already known for great coffee and delicious desserts.  But if we are to reach out to university students, we need to provide good food.  Stage Five, the final stage in the development of Connections Café, will develop the kitchen we need to attract young people.


Already the café is being used for teenage clubs, young adult clubs, Roma outreach, and an English fellowship to reach the foreign medical students.  In addition our lead church uses the café as a fellowship hall and for gatherings of men and women.  Many local churches rent out the café for their ministries, and we hold monthly worship and movie nights and host the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance within the café.

As a social business, Connections Café also will fund our ministries to Roma, orphans, university students, and victims of war.  These ministries can all be seen at our website .

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