Nepal shares a border with India, and just as India has been hit hard with a new wave of COVID19, so has Nepal. With already fragile healthcare systems, they are experiencing great hardship. Hospitals are overwhelmed and turning patients away as they experience shortages of oxygen and beds. 

The community where we work is a rural area three hours away from the nearest hospital and with all public transportation shut down- the poor have no access to medical care. Their local health outpost lacks even basic medical supplies of PPE, PCR tests, and tylenol. 

As we reached out to local leaders to assess what relief is most needed a local pastor tearfully explained how their community has been forgotten and we have been the only ones to care as they experience a widespread COVID19 outbreak. Without medical supplies even a regional physician will not come to provide care.

You can make a life saving difference for the people of this community.  Your donation will supply this community with masks, sanitizer, PPE, COVID19 tests, medication, and other critical supplies. These supplies will make it possible for a physician to come to the community to provide needed treatment.

We have already initiated working with local authorities to create a public health campaign to help stop the spread, but you can help the poor in this community know that they are not alone and God has not forgotten them. You can show them that you care by partnering with us financially to raise $1600 that will provide life saving access to resources. 

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