Community Transformation in Central Asia

In almost all of the villages where we work, there is not a single believer. Everyone is a Muslim. The result is broken communities, the abuse and oppression of women, and various forms of poverty. 

Our team of local believers has come out of Islam, and they know how to share the hope of Jesus with people in these villages. They also know how to use community development strategies to bring people in villages together to affect change in these places living without hope. They facilitate a series of conversations in villages in which new vision is set, fresh plans are drafted, and the beginnings of transformation take place. 

As these local believers meet with villagers, they are able to share with them their own testimony of coming to know Jesus. Through dreams and miracles and the sharing of the gospel, many people are coming to know Jesus personally, are learning about the Bible and are being raised up as leaders.

Partner with us in bringing transformation in Central Asia.

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