Government primary schools in Zambia are offered free of charge however, class sizes are averaging well over 100 students and the schools are severely over capacity. Approximately 70-80 percent of the students within Chibolya are not attending any school at all. To fill this gap, there are small community schools that are started by teachers who have been trained and are qualified but find themselves unemployed. Mapalo Trust School is one such school. Started in 2018 by three teachers who saw a need within the community and decided to pool what little resources they had to start this school. Since there is no government funding for these types of schools, small fees have to be charged to run the school at the bare minimums not to even mention the salaries for the staff. We have started this project to supplement the teacher's salaries since they have sacrificed so much and are working in such a vulnerable area where the families have a very difficult time coming up with the small fees that are required. 

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