Pathways Center- Holistic care for the refugee community in Athens, Greece. 

There is a need for holistic, trauma-informed care within the refugee community in Athens. Many organizations have integration and education programs, but those programs are not effective if refugees have significant untreated mental health needs. There are a few local Greeks and Christian workers involved in psychological services to refugees, but few workers are properly trained in trauma and secondary trauma counseling. 

We aim to create trauma-informed safe spaces of compassion, restoration and empowerment. This includes not only counseling and trauma therapy groups, but also activities like art classes, faith and life groups, hiking and other outdoor activities, and fun community events. Through these activities, trust can be built and a safe place is created for conversations and for healing to take place. 

In addition, we seek to provide trauma awareness training and resources for the refugee worker community and provide a place of networking and connecting. 

The goal is to see individual and collective healing and transformation of the refugee community. 

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