Children are the future of our Community. 

Education is one of the most basic needs that everyone deserves, but due to poverty children in our community fail to complete their basic schooling and end up working early in their lives to sustain their livelihoods.

Government schools have been set up in places but these schools lack teachers to help students. And with the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation has only gone from bad to worse.

We want to see our community change; we’ve set up a tuition after school program for 50 students  where students of our community can come and learn from skilled individuals.

Setting up this initiative in our community would greatly influence and benefit the people in our community, it would also help thousands of lives get a better future.

Join us in our journey to help children break cycles of poverty by giving them a chance at a better future.

By donating $40. You are not only helping us to provide tuition amd food, but also changing thousands of children’s lives. 

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