Just $15 a month will change the lives of a farmer and their family by providing them with much-needed investment and capital to become self-sufficient over the next three years.

Can you be part of this team to change the lives of at least 500 people by helping them become self-sustaining and giving them a boost to help them?

Be part of transforming a community now.

The community members of Lomolo have been displaced several times within their own country as the government has expanded industries that require the woodland that the community is used to living in. As part of the relocation effects, every community member was given 2 1/4 acres of land to cultivate and provide for their families.

Whilst this may seem like the best solution it has left the community with a large challenge. Although they own the land given to them, they do not have the means to purchase enough seed to farm, nor do they have the capacity to farm such a large plot of land alone or the means to hire help to support. This has left large areas of land unused and untouched because the community does now have the initial assets to invest.

Our community leaders in Lomolo are working with farmers to help them build a cooperative where the community to start to expand their farming efforts and we are looking for people willing to partner with individual farmers to see this growth happen. We have identified 84 farmers to take part in the initial stage of this project. Over the next three years, we will be working with them to find sustainability and self-sufficiency in their farm expansion. Each farmer will be provided with a bulk load of seed, fertiliser and support to plant for the first year. From this first crop, they will return a certain proportion of the profits or produce back to our workers for redistribution and reinvestment; thereby being part of the support for future growth and development. In years two and three they will be provided with further support at increasing lower increments to support them as they transition out of support from our workers and into self-sufficiency.


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