History:  Several members of the Transform Uzhhorod Alliance had developed an idea years ago to launch a technical school to teach carpentry and plumbing skills for Rroma young people.  One of those members, Life & Hope Ukraine, had donated a considerable amount of funds for the purchase of tools.  Another individual member who is a home builder by trade, Eugene Yevdokimov, formed the NGO “Let’s Help” in order to fulfil this purpose.  One Collective has been helping him develop a budget and business plan to start the technical institute.  Another member of the Alliance, Fruitful Seed, has graciously offered the unused garage in their Rroma community center they built, to be used as the initial workshop for this technical institute.  Let’s Help also expanded their vision beyond just Rroma young people, to any young person from an underprivileged family.

Business Plan:  The model is to build a business that provides the funds to cover the ongoing expenses of the technical institute as well as an additional 25% towards building projects for those in need.  We will accomplish this goal with the building of dachas and “tiny” homes in the Zacarpathian region of Ukraine.  Each project would take one-week to build, and we would need to build an average of three buildings every two months.

Ministry Plan:  This project will provide training to underprivileged youth in order to build a career in carpentry and plumbing.  It will also provide jobs in the short term.  In addition, we will be able to assist families in need, with construction help in their homes.  An added bonus is that the local television station, a member of our Alliance, will show Rroma young people assisting Ukrainian families for the first time.  This will go a long way in changing the impression of the Rroma only taking from society, and not giving back.  It will be a start in bringing self-respect back to the hard-working Rroma community.  It will also provide inexpensive housing for young families.  This project has many community transformation angles.

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