Sadly, the Romanian school system is not a place where students can discover or develop their unique gifts and talents. High School students find themselves in a bubble, too young to leave the country for work, and old enough to see and feel the problems surrounding them. They are in a period in their lives where they are of no use to anybody. They are the part of society without a voice, struggling to find meaning and self-worth in it all. High-School students from rural areas are separated from their families for 5 days a week, living unsupervised in the dormitories. With a dropout rate of about 60% many of them have very few possibilities in life. 

Coffee & Community Café (C & C) is a Kingdom business that is designed to be a bridge between the people and Christ, and to pour hope into the community.  Our target customers will be these High School students who do not have a place where they can spend their free time in a constructive way.  There aren’t any places where they have a sense of belonging and are valued as an individual. The culture focuses on the student’s shortcomings and limitations rather than on being creative individuals created in God’s image.  Most students believe they do not have any opportunities in Romania, and they desire to leave the country.  C & C will provide a safe environment for students to discover themselves, their talents, and encounter Jesus at the same time. We will offer special activities and events including crafts, photography workshops, ESL communication courses, books and other fun activates that enable students to begin dreaming about pursuing a future in Romania.   


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