Lito is my friend who sits outside of the mall and sells candy with the one hand which he has.  We talk often and he seems happy to have this opportunity.  It fills a person with pride to be able to work and to provide for themselves.  But if a person is limited by a disability, it makes finding a job or making enough money to meet one''s needs even more difficult. 

The goal of this project is to provide vocational training for people with disabilities. We are working with a local leader who specializes in working with people with disabilities. She will take participants through an assessment to identify their capabilities and teach them a skill that focuses on utilizing their abilities.  With the right skills, they will be able to produce an income for themselves and take pride in their success.  Creating access to meaningful work reminds them that they are bearers of God’s Image and he has gifted them for a purpose.

            We have a capable local leader and we have a space for the program to meet. The only thing missing is your support to get this project off the ground. Vocational training for people with disabilities provides a job skill that means regular income and self-sufficiency. It means restoring the Image bearing identity of others that leads to transformation in lives and communities.


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