The community of Chibolya in Chongwe has approximately 1,500 school-aged children. Currently, 70-80% of those children are not attending school because their parents can not afford the elevated school fees at other schools and the only government primary school in the area is at capacity and can not accommodate additional students. The only way for these students to get an education is through small community schools such as Mapalo Community school with their low fees.

The successful launch of this project will mean that children without hope for the future will receive education in HIV/Aids awareness, reading, writing, arithmetic, encouraging entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty in the community of Chibolya.

There is an immediate need to relocate Mapalo School from its current location to another location. The current landlords have other plans that they would like to pursue in 2019. This means that they will need to move to a new place by the start of the next school year which begins January 15, 2019. There is a piece of property adjoining their current location that is for sale and would be perfect for next year and for years to come.

Please join us in seeing Mapalo School transformed by the power of God


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