Youth Serving Food

Our team runs a weekly teen night in the neighborhood, a youth bible study, leadership camps, and a career skills program for youth.  We assist with a couple of our partner organizations with a program at the local school, sports programs, a community center for youth, and youth programs at the church.  We work alongside the youth, mentoring, assisting in relief work, and providing opportunities for growth.  We are looking for someone passionate about mentoring youth in low-income communities and seeing them grow and transform.


  • Run the teen night program
  • Coordinate volunteers for the program, including delegating roles during teen night
  • Outreach in the neighborhood to meet new people
  • Run the youth bible study
  • Organize summer camp and winter camp
  • Assist in our job skills program for youth and young adults
  • Work with our partner organizations to provide more opportunities for teens
  • Mentor teens and encourage volunteers to do the same

Our Dreams: In hiring, we hope to expand our programs to reach more youth, here are some of our dreams to do so:

  • Start a leadership group for high school students
  • Connect with the local junior high and high school to meet teens and start programming at the school
  • Build a way of monitoring and encouraging growth in the many different areas of life (including education, spirituality, character, so forth)
  • Build new partnerships with existing organizations
  • Connect youth to the local church
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