Youth Ministry Developer

Chibolya, Zambia

Long-Term  |  Fundraised  |  Posted February 11, 2020


Do you have a passion for youth? Has God given you a vision to see a generation rise up to transform their community by the power of God?

Chibolya is a typical African “Shanty” style community. There are many children that have very little parental supervision and are typically left to their own devices. We are looking for someone with a passion to reach at-risk children and youth. Most of these kids are getting caught up in drugs, drinking, and promiscuous activities. You will create activities to engage this community, work with the school and community leaders to identify vulnerable children and/or orphans, partner with the governments or other NGO’s Gender Based Violence office, disciple small groups, and work to promote healthy family values. A few helpful skills would be a love for children and youth, flexibility, enthusiasm, relational, patient, and resilient.

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