Do you have a heart for youth ministry? Do you wish to engage with neglected and at-risk youth who are in need of a mentor?

We are looking for a youth leader to be an encourager and challenger, as rural youth don't see a real future for themselves. This individual would also be a catalyst for the different ethnic groups, teaching them to respect and accept each other. This ministry is different in that it is a new location with no workers who live in the village at present. It will be important to learn the language and be a self-starter.

Creativity, patience, youth group leadership, the ability to understand what is being said between the lines, and answering questions the children are afraid to ask are all important components of this opportunity. Young people in the villages don’t see much of a future for themselves, and the Youth Leader would be in charge of mentoring these youth and offering them hope. They feel left out. This youth leader must be able to encourage the youth to think of their futures as well as the present.

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