people surrounding a table for a soap making workshop

Build workshops that bring together local needs with local assets to care for mental, physical, and spiritual needs. The Workshop Planner will be responsible for leading or facilitating various workshops tailored to address the specific needs of multiple people groups within the community. In addition, as workshops are a foundational part of the mission and vision of APOTHECA, it will be vital to ensure the alignment of these workshops with not only the welfare of individuals but of the community as well. Be a creator of space and time for people to experience the loving presence of God and the joy of loving their neighbor.

Skills / Knowledge Needed:

  • Oversee workshop spaces within the building, ensuring everything meets standards.

  • Oversee the booking and execution of events

  • Able to act quickly to solve problems.

  • Collaborate with local event personnel.

  • Have or complete B2 Level Spanish

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