Work Life Job Shadowing at Engineering firm
The Work-Life program equips staff and volunteers to walk alongside young adults providing career guidance, mentorship, and training. We are seeking a candidate to facilitate the Work Life program as a dedicated practitioner to oversee volunteers and equip trainers. We will be able to train a team of volunteers to work with cohorts of 8-10 people, ages 17-25 for the 8-week program. The program will impart soft skills pertaining to adaptability, effective communication, code-switching, and time management. Hard skills will be gained through the program’s Job Shadowing practicum module where students have the opportunity to work alongside tradesmen and professionals to expand their horizons or narrow their fields of interest.



 Planning, facilitate, and oversee the Work Life curriculum at weekly meetings with the young adult cohorts.
 Work with the Work Life team of administrator, facilitator, ally coordinator, and business liaison in helping them carry out their responsibilities.
 Promote the program to eligible members of the community through local outreach
 Keep records of any data recorded through the program for metrics and growth.
 Build partnerships with local churches, businesses, organizations, and the city of Fresno for job shadowing, apprentices, jobs, and local support.
 Communicate with Chalmers on resources for the program and report the program's impact.
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