Join us by using the art of story to share the good news of God's extraordinary love displayed through people, their community, and their stories of transformation.

With a journalistic approach to linking the material with the spiritual, the Team Storyteller will study the ways Jesus used storytelling to invoke wonder and glory. They will learn to develop both the skill and the art of inquiry to discover the stories that people might not automatically see or tell themselves. Working closely with community members, they must have or acquire a conversational level of Spanish that facilitates conversation, discovery, and understanding that leads to compelling and authentic storytelling.

Skills / Knowledge Needed:

  • The ability to communicate clearly using written language
  • A passion for story, narrative structure, and creative arts
  • The courage to try new things
  • A teachable disposition willing to learn from teammates and the community to produce excellent work
  • Attention to detail
  • Have or complete C1 Level Spanish
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