Team Member

Tenancingo, Mexico

Mid-Term  |  Fundraised  |  Posted April 1, 2017


Do you have a passion for community development and mobilizing locals into ministry in Latin America? We are looking for an individual or family who will help our team with the evaluation and engagement phases of our new community in Tenancingo. This involves surveying/assessing local needs, identifying partners in the community and raising up local leaders to start addressing these needs. The San Jose neighborhood, with around 3000 people, is on the outskirts of the main Tenancingo urban area and we have been working there for the past eight years. We are excited to now expand our team to maximize our impact in this area.  

The ideal candidate(s) will be fluent/near-fluent in Spanish, a quick learner, resourceful, and a good communicator. It is helpful to have prior background in Mexico or other Latin countries doing community development work or ministry. We are looking for a 1-2 year initial commitment.

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