Do you want to see God move supernaturally? Do you want to learn how to see God do amazing things in the nations? Do you believe God for the impossible?

Come and join our team for an internship where you will be learning about how to work with Muslims, the majority of whom have never had an encounter with Jesus Christ.

You will be learning about the following topics:

  1. Identity

  2. How to start a church-planting movement among Muslims

  3. How to lead a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus

  4. How to pray with prayer and authority for miracles, signs, and wonders

  5. How to share with people from different cultures

  6. How to intercede and worship in a corporate setting

  7. God’s heart for Muslims

You will have opportunities to engage in the following tasks:

  1. Classes and discussions

  2. Sports camps and clubs to reach out to students

  3. English clubs

  4. Village power ministry visits

  5. Worship and prayer in a house of prayer

Previous experience in supernatural ministry is not required! Applicants should simply have a desire for intimacy with the Lord, a heart for His people, and a willingness to learn.

Open fall, winter & spring

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