Undergrad, Grad, or Post-Grad Student + Ministry Worker

Grenoble, France

Mid-Term  |  Fundraised  |  Posted February 22, 2018


"Grenoble Alpes" University is situated in a beautiful French city surrounded by mountain ranges, and is the highest rated on the list of preferred cities for students in France.  In the coming decade, the student population is expected to expand from 50,000 annually to 90,000 with the addition of a massive science and industry campus on the northwest side of the city. For 45 years now, the FEU student center has been an effective tool for exposing the student population of Grenoble to the powerful truths of the Gospel and the life-transforming grace of God in Christ.  The service and ministry opportunities are numerous and the harvest is plentiful.

We are looking for undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate students who would serve as bridges for our student ministry into one of the many student populations in the University of Grenoble academic network while at the same time pursuing a degree or post-doctoral research. Between the exchange programs, the French language programs, possible Masters degrees in either French or English, and various doctoral and post-doctoral tracks, any student interested in pursuing at least a portion of his or studies in a European context should be able to find any number of appealing and reasonably priced academic options in Grenoble. In addition to being a student, workers who come in this capacity will contribute to the FEU student center dynamic at various levels and in diverse forms depending on availability and competencies. Although the academic studies will need to be funded independently, costs associated with participation in the FEU student ministry (travel, language, housing, food and other living and ministry costs) may be funded by means of donations through One Collective.

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