As pilgrims wind their way through Spain while walking or biking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trails, they may reflect on their lives and seek answers to long-held and profound questions. Once they arrive in Santiago de Compostela, they have various needs and appreciate having space and time to think through their journey and talk to others.

Our team is here in Santiago de Compostela, the end of the Camino de Santiago. Through the Pilgrim House Welcome Center, we care for pilgrims in an integrated way so they encounter the tangible love of God. Pilgrims find a place of rest and respite at Pilgrim House, and during their time here we facilitate and encourage deeper engagement with whatever has been stirring during their Camino while offering practical services that are often needed by newly arrived pilgrims.

We are looking for a Pilgrim Hospitality Specialist who will serve regular shifts in Pilgrim House and help meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of pilgrims finishing the Camino. This includes (but may not be limited to):

  • Welcoming and Celebrating pilgrims who have completed their Camino
  • Answering questions
  • Meet practical needs
  • Listen to their stories
  • Share your own
  • Participate in and lead various debriefing activities
  • Manage and respond to messages that come into the Pilgrim House e-mail account and the TNPH Facebook account
  • Support Pilgrim House managers in project work to help achieve team priorities and, if possible, using personal gifts and passion to further the Pilgrim House vision and mission
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