Are you a creative person that likes bringing ideas to life? Do you look at things differently and use your imaginative mind to make things interesting? Are you drawn to helping youths and want to use your skill to help them revitalize their community? And does your passion lie in creating designs using animations and illustrations? 


If your answer is Yes, would you want to use your expertise to help create a brand image for our business and help it grow into a sustainable entity so that it can also help for community development? We are looking for individuals like you who would come along young leaders and help them thrive. Our youth have incredible work ethic and want to work with creative minds like you to help transform lives in their community. We want to show our youth that there is fulfillment in doing good and want to set an example by exhibiting empathy, kindness and love through our entrepreneurial spirit in our community.

Using business as a platform to announce the Kingdom of God is a wonderful gift and we want to show that God cares and his unfailing love never ceases. Get on board and help develop this community, by coming along in this journey.  



● You help create a Brand that stands out in the market
● You help define the visual identity with the design team that evolves while maintaining a common identity which binds products together.
● You will Collaborate with marketing team as well to bridge the gap between product and marketing communication



● Passionate & innate instinct for good design.
● Loves to collaborate with the team to help grow and evolve design language. 
● Knowledge of animation techniques.
● Is drawn to help people and wants to revitalize the underprivileged.   


Desired Skills 

Illustrator, Visual Design, Animation, Graphic Design.
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