Since 2016, Ukraine has been transitioning from orphanages to family-based care for its 106,000 orphans. Ukraine has set the year 2024 as their goal to shut down all orphanages and move to a foster-care system.  We strongly believe that children do better in families, and families do better when supported by their local church and community.  Most orphans are not adoptable as they still have parents who are just unable to care for them.

The coordinator is responsible for working with local partners in this transition. Responsibilities will be working with families for them to be able to care for their children, assisting in finding families to adopt orphans when possible, developing foster-care structures, and working with families to prevent children from entering the foster-care system.

We are seeking an individual with strong leadership, relational and communication skills. The ideal candidate will excel at self-management, teaching and presenting information, and working in a team environment. Completion of Christian Alliance for Orphans’ OVC (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) Essential’s course is encouraged prior to or within the first year of service. We are seeking at least a 2-year commitment for this position.

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