Picture of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Help meet the needs of food insecurity in our city. This position is responsible for overseeing our two food programs and expanding the programs.  We run one program on Tuesday mornings at Bethany Inner City Church and another on Friday afternoons in our Hidalgo community.  There are several food pickups during the week around town.  We hope the food coordinator will also work to expand the programs.


  • Oversee our two weekly food distribution programs which includes managing volunteers, overseeing distribution, and building relationships with community members.
  • Pick up food at our various locations during the week for the food distributions.
  • Perform outreach to engage community members and inform them about our programs.
  • Train new volunteers, equip existing volunteers, and provide leadership trainings for the team as well as fun, volunteer appreciation events.
  • Work with our various partners that help provide food for food program.


  • Start a community hour for our folks at food distribution for people to connect with each other, hear an encouraging devotion, and share a meal together.
  • Expand our programs to include more people and more food pickup sources.
  • Help start programs for our food program people to help them out of their situation such as a financial literacy program or a job skills program.
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