Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country in the northwestern part of South America along the Andes Mountains. It is a democratic republic and a developing country dependent on its commodities such as petroleum and agricultural products. Spanish is the official language and is spoken by the majority of the population, though many indigenous languages are spoken as well.

Hacienda El Refugio is a 300 acre property in a country setting just north of Quito in the mountains. We are a training and retreat center which also functions as a camp and are uniquely positioned to reach the roughly 3 million people that live in Quito, 45 minutes away. Our mission is to facilitate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through nature and outdoor adventure. We offer a wide range of experiences, but always infuse outdoor adventure, rest and spiritual reflection, and purpose/direction into each of our customized experiences. Those experiences range from customized retreats to conferences, youth camps, internships, spiritual retreats, backpacking excursions, short term mission experiences, and community development.

As our finance specialist, you would use your knowledge and experience to assist us in the following:

Cash Management: 

  • Facilitate the withdrawal, distribution, and accounting for cash given to team members on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain a monthly ‘petty cash’ fund for smaller expenses, authorizing staff to use said funds and reports the uses in a formal monthly report 
  • Manage and oversee the use of the El Refugio safe, keeping close records on movement of funds and items kept within



  • Create and execute the systems for collecting/receipting all forms of income, including: donations, rent money, gift shop funds, agricultural income, etc.



  • Track the monthly expenses of the ministry (both in-country and use of One Collective funds) and inputs/checks the information in the Youth World accounting system



  • Oversee the reviewing of and submitting of all El Refugio monthly expense reports to the Youth World Finance Department 
  • Provide general up-to-date reports for each area/department of El Refugio on a quarterly basis and prepares specific account reports as needed/requested.
  • Meet one on one with specific staff members who need guidance in the submitting/managing of their reports to ensure quality, care, and good use of ministry funds
  • Evaluate and improve processes in all finance related areas
  • Review annual budget with El Refugio Director and Leadership team and play a strong role in helping and advising the Director develop the El Refugio Annual Budget
  • Meet with each Director or area/department leader in the development and maintaining of their sections of the annual budget, providing guidance and accountability



  • Advise the El Refugio Director and Leadership Team about the ministry’s business model, including pricing observations and suggestions, and whatever other suggestions or improvements that may better the financial state of the ministry



  • Help facilitate the payroll process, including the communication of hours worked to the YW Finance office, roles de pago, and liquidations for Ecuadorian employees/workers.

Skills Needed: Willingness to learn Spanish; Experience or degree in finances, business, or a comparable degree; Has a 'team player' mentality and works well with people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures; can effectively communicate and work with others; and has a passion for the Lord, desiring to serve Him through their skills and abilities.


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