What does it look like for a community to try to solve complex problems? Lots of people have opposing solutions, money and politics get wrapped up in planning,  As a result, efforts get stuck and people fall through the cracks. Many people are left wondering how they can make a real difference. That's where One Collective comes in. We work to bring people together, facilitate health conversations and build trustworthy collaborations that solve problems by creating community-wide, shared plans. 

If you want to learn how to get people to work together to solve complex problems - consider interning with One Collective. Interning with our team means you will learn how a needs assessment is conducted and a community-wide strategic plan is developed. You can see this process in action at onecollectiveelgin.org. Each internship is constructed based on what you want to learn during your internship. Potential roles include:

  1. Advocate for people who are homeless
  2. Advocate for young people that are under-resourced
  3. Researcher on on human-trafficking

We are always open to new ideas and new roles based on your passion. We'd love to connect with you and explore a potential internship!

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