Up to 15% of Ukraine’s population has a disability or special need. Reforms in education, social services and community awareness are being made - but there is much work still to be done. Among our community’s needs are employment opportunities, more inclusive education, handicap accessible community planning, and the development of supportive living facilities for these individuals as they and their families age.

The coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with community partners. Other responsibilities include promoting community awareness of the needs and abilities of this population, supporting community initiatives into special needs education, employment opportunities, socialization, and the creation of family and individual support groups.

We are seeking an individual with excellent communication, teamwork, and self-management skills. Experience working with children and/or adults with disabilities is highly encouraged. The ideal candidate will have a high level of patience and energy, be a creative thinker and have a desire to see those with disabilities and special needs be accepted as equal members of society. We are seeking at least a 2-year commitment for this position.

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