Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country in the northwestern part of South America along the Andes Mountains. It is a democratic republic and a developing country dependent on its commodities such as petroleum and agricultural products. Spanish is the official language and is spoken by the majority of the population, though many indigenous languages are spoken as well.

Hacienda El Refugio is a 300 acre property in a country setting just north of Quito in the mountains. We are a training and retreat center which also functions as a camp and are uniquely positioned to reach the roughly 3 million people that live in Quito, 45 minutes away. Our mission is to facilitate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through nature and outdoor adventure. We offer a wide range of experiences, but always infuse outdoor adventure, rest and spiritual reflection, and purpose/direction into each of our customized experiences. Those experiences range from customized retreats to conferences, youth camps, internships, spiritual retreats, backpacking excursions, short term mission experiences, and community development.

As our Director of Operations, you would use your abilities and experience to assist us in the following:



Construction – Together with Director/Leadership Team determines the new construction of buildings, program elements, landscaped/garden areas, renovations/remodels, common spaces,  infrastructure,  roads, trails.  The Director of Operations drives these projects from beginning to end including paperwork (permits), interfacing with the architect, design, cost estimate (determining funding needs), choosing materials, making sure materials are onsite and available before they are needed, tracking the budget and managing the building schedule (having the next several months to a year laid out).  Resources available to the director of operations are the property manager and operations staff, project development, program staff when appropriate, and work teams (together with property manager determines work projects for teams, coordinates work crews and ensures that materials are onsite and ready-to-go ahead of groups)


Managing the Master Plan – Determining and tracking the overall usage of the property including the location of buildings and other constructions, landscaped/garden areas,  roads, trails, program elements.   Also in charge of the development of Utilities at HER including water systems, electric, phone and septic. Making sure that we are staying ahead of the game in our systems in terms of what the ministry needs.  Also with El Refugio Director and Director team, determining long term plans for use of forested areas.  



Policies and Procedures for Property Use – Together with El Refugio Leadership Team determines and implements policies and procedures for use of the property including hours of operation, maximum number of participants, usage of utilities and equipment(water, phone, septic, electric, vehicles, buildings, etc).   Is in charge of ensuring that Operations functions are done with regard to retreats (preparing spaces that will be used, making sure things are in working order, etc)

Maintenance – This refers to the upkeep of existing Physical Elements at El Refugio including fixes, and general upkeep (sealing wood surfaces), paint.

Security and Safety - (developing systems to guard people and El Refugio property from intrusion/robbery/damage etc).  Also Safety of the operations staff, developing procedures for prevention in operations areas as well as safety measures in all constructions regarding fire hazards and other dangers.  

Trails and Roads – Developing plans for the ongoing upkeep of existing roads and trails to ensure that they are continually accessible and in good working condition.

Grounds – Tracking the plan for ensuring that grass areas/gardens and planted areas are kept up.

Agriculture and Forested Areas – Develops plans for upkeep and use of agricultural areas and forests.  Interfacing with guest house services to determine best use of agricultural areas.  

Assists with Community Relations – Assists El Refugio Director in implementing Community Relations plans and tracking issues that arise regarding neighbors, community, police, etc.



Staffing - With the El Refugio Director, the Dir. of Operations determines and fills (including working out contracts in conjunction with the legal rep of  Youth World, wages and job descriptions) the roles needed to carry out the above functions.  Operations Staff could include property manager, maintenance staff, agriculture staff, guard, caretaker, grounds, etc.  

Management and Care – Together with Property Manager determines and tracks where operations staff are working from month to month. Signs off on hours/time off/holidays for operations staff.  Does annual  review with property manager, ensures that annual reviews are completed for entire operations staff.  Responsible for care of the operations staff.




  • Interfaces with the Legal Rep of Youth World for Permits/water rights and other admin work related to the functioning of the property. 
  • Interfaces with Youth World Finance team to track budget issues.
  • Is an active participant in the El Refugio Leadership team

Skills Needed: Willingness to learn Spanish and speak it comfortably; Experience or degree in finances, business, construction, project management, or a comparable degree; Has a knowledge of working with various materials (concrete block, drywall and timber, roof tiles, ceramic flooring, etc.; has a ’team player' mentality and works well with people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures; can effectively communicate and work with others; and has a passion for the Lord, desiring to serve Him through their skills and abilities.

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