Ecuador is a beautiful and diverse country in the northwestern part of South America along the Andes Mountains. It is a democratic republic and a developing country dependent on its commodities such as petroleum and agricultural products. Spanish is the official language and is spoken by the majority of the population, though many indigenous languages are spoken as well.

Hacienda El Refugio is a 300 acre property in a country setting just north of Quito in the mountains. We are a training and retreat center which also functions as a camp and are uniquely positioned to reach the roughly 3 million people that live in Quito, 45 minutes away. Our mission is to facilitate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through nature and outdoor adventure. We offer a wide range of experiences, but always infuse outdoor adventure, rest and spiritual reflection, and purpose/direction into each of our customized experiences. Those experiences range from customized retreats to conferences, youth camps, internships, spiritual retreats, backpacking excursions, short term mission experiences, and community development.

We are currently developing our creative team, and are looking for members with a combination or singular focus im the following areas: Videography, Photography, and Graphic Design. As a creative team specialist, you would use your abilities and experience to assist us in the following:

  • Participates in the El Refugio facilitator training, allowing the team member to help host and facilitate retreat groups when the need/interest presents itself 
  • Participates in Creative Team meetings and brings relevant topics to the table to be discussed
  • Works in conjunction with the El Refugio creative team to develop useful content across all platforms 
  • Takes photos and/or shoots videos at various El Refugio functions, including but not limited to: retreats, conferences, camps, trainings, and other events
  • Edits photos and/or videos for promotional and ministry general use
  • Helps maintain the El Refugio website and various social media platforms to keep them up-to-date and accurate (depending on abilities)
  • Edits and develops English and Spanish promotional videos (if video is area of expertise)
  • Submits monthly expense reports for any purchases made in regards to photo, video, or website needs
  • Occasionally meets with the El Refugio Director for brainstorming purposes, as well as to maintain a clear vision and understanding of their role in the team and how their contribution advances the ministry
  • Provides photos for the development of the annual El Refugio Yearbook and aids in the design and ordering of this tool
  • Shoots and edits informal videos for social media use
  • Shoots and edits formal videos for various training and website use  (if video is area of expertise)
  • Works in conjunction with the micro-business team to provide photography of El Refugio-made micro business products 
  • Takes El Refugio annual team photo as well as yearly individual staff photos to keep an up-to-date inventory of staff in various locations (if photography is area of expertise)
  • Maintains and ensures a clear and consistent communication of the El Refugio brand and vision through the photos, videos, website, social media, and interactions held with participants and guests


Skills Needed: Willingness to learn Spanish; Communications, marketing, graphic design, or photography degree preferred; Experience working with various social media platforms; Has a 'team player' attitude and works well with people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures; and can effectively communicate and work with others.

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