Are you passionate about developing your God-given gifts in the service of community?  Do you have a heart for the disenfranchised, the invisible, the lost and the unloved?

Cowley is a bustling, eclectic suburb of Oxford and our projects, under the umbrella of Cowley Collective ( touch upon a number of matters close to God's heart, such as:

 - building friendships and linking people to help needed through our soon-to-be-launched pop-up cafe, in a community suffering the collective trauma, post-lockdown, of isolation and loneliness; 

- helping to build the self-esteem and life skills of women, through the continuing development of our creative coaching 8 week course, who have suffered exploitation, domestic abuse, or who simply are in need of connection and to be seen; 

- touching the lives of vulnerable families and children, including families with additional needs; 

- inspiring and mentoring the youth growing up in perceived hopelessness, with chaotic backgrounds and who are vulnerable to trafficking and gang mentality; 

- helping the financially-burdened in the area to find ways to manage their resources, and get help; 

- giving those who have left prison life a helping hand as to where to go next on their journey 

and much more.  

However you get involved here, and wherever your mission heart lies, Cowley, Oxford, is a great place for you to grow and to serve the people society sometimes leaves behind.

Through prayer and worship together, as well as coaching, you can delve deeper into God's plans for you, understand your missional heart more fully, and further develop your personal faith and leadership.

Your role in Cowley will be varied and interesting - it is unlikely that two days will look the same - joining our team for a season you will be part of a pioneering and growing mission, and will have an immediate and enduring impact on God's work here.  

Are you ready to join the Cowley Collective?


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